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“The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be” –  David Ogilvy

Advertising research is an effective way to assess and measure the impact of any advertising or branding campaign. Such research is generally carried out before the launch of an advertising campaign (pre-testing) and then after the advertising campaign has been completed (post-testing).

The pre-testing research can be carried out to analyse the level of awareness and perception of a brand, product or service amongst customers or clients prior to the campaign. For example, a company, which specialises in appliances, asks respondents to mention the first three brands that come to their mind when they think about appliances. The data would then show how frequently the company’s brands were mentioned and whether these were mentioned first, second or third – this then provides a picture of the company’s position in the market before the launch of the advert. Aristocrat Market Research carries out such research by means of its computer aided telephone-interviewing system.

Pre-testing research can also be carried out to test the campaign or advert before its launch. By analysing respondents’ reaction to the advert or campaign, any weaknesses, which might hinder the success of these adverts, are identified. Furthermore, such research can also determine the ‘attention-getting’ power of the advert, how well linked the advert is to the brand and where, when and how the campaign or advert should be advertised. This type of pre-testing research would be best carried out through a focus group as the emotional aspect of participants, which is the main motivation of any sale and how most advertising is usually processed, can be tested and analysed.

Following the advertising campaign, the data that emerges from the pre-testing research is then compared to the results from the post-testing research, in order to measure its success. The focus of post-testing research is on what the advertising has done for the brand, for example has it increased brand awareness. Are non-customers more likely to purchase the product or service? Quantitative post-testing can also be carried out as an on-going project to track the market position of the company.

Ad testing allows you to:

  • Effectively target key market segments with content that resonates
  • Get iterative feedback to ensure core messaging sticks, and to share those insights with ad creators and/or stakeholders
  • Achieve data-driven confidence when promoting a campaign
  • Make an informed go or no-go decision when deploying an ad
  • Evaluate the performance of an ad agency
  • Get the highest ROI out of your ad spend
  • Predict advertising effect on purchase intent

What is it all about?

Does an advertisement emotionally engage customers? Is the copy read and are calls to action noticed?

Hundreds of images seeking their attention – and their business surround modern consumers. Making your advert stand out can be difficult.

However, by using modern scientific methods to measure psycho-physiological responses, we can help identify those that work best and help you optimise others for maximum impact.

Pre-testing creative gives you an unparalleled chance to see how your designs resonate emotionally with your customers, giving you the confidence to select the most effective designs.

How do we help?

Advertising research uses advanced eye-tracking and physiological response measurement technology, as well as attitudinal research questionnaires to measure the immediate emotional reactions to your advertising creative.

We also research the degree to which the copy is being read, and whether calls to action and your brand are being noticed.

Objectives of Advertising Research

  • To Enhance Awareness − through research, it is easy to plan the marketing strategy of any product/service.
  • To Know Attitudinal Pattern − A thorough research predicts the people’s attitude. It analyses the changing attitudinal pattern of a geographic area. Knowing the consumers’ attitude is very important before launching a new product and its advertisement.
  • To Know People’s Action/Re-action − Research also records and analyses people’s action or re-action regarding a particular product/service.
  • Analysis − Based on deep research and analysis, it is simple to design and develop a creative ad, effective enough to influence consumers.

Essentials of Advertising Research

Following are the essentials of advertising research that support researcher to complete the research task successfully −

  • Research Equipment − It is the basic requirement of advertising research. It includes a skilled person, computer system with internet, and relevant newspapers and magazine. However, field research is also important. For example, interviewing people in the market or their residential places.
  • Media Research − To determine, which media is the most effective advertisement vehicle, media research is necessary. It helps to reach the potential customers in a short period of time and at lower cost.
  • Marketing Trends − Knowledge of marketing trends help advertisers to know what products people are buying and what are the specific features of the products, which compels people to buy. With this information, manufacturers can modify their product according to the trend on competitive price.
  • Target Audience − for any advertising research, it is very important to identify target audience and geographic location.

Benefits of Advertising Research

  • Assess an ad’s ability to create awareness, generate leads, and increase conversion
  • Measure how effective different ads are at drawing attention, build brand image, elicit emotion, communicate a message, etc.
  • Pinpoint weak elements within an ad and how to improve its performance
  • Identify elements that can be part of an integrated ad campaign using different media
  • Provide a framework for the creative/design team, allowing them to create effective ads
  • Allow to explore different creative concepts before production
  • Indicate which creative elements and content appeal to different target segments

Advertising Research Solutions:

  • Advertising tracking
  • Advertising claim substantiation
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Advertising impression studies
  • Commercials testing
  • Concept research
  • Concept testing
  • Copy testing
  • Eye tracking
  • Facial coding
  • Hybrid research – qual-quant

 What can you test?

  • Print advertisements
  • Billboards
  • Website visuals and banner ads
  • Consumer packaging
  • Point-of-sale material
  • Book and magazine covers

Advertising research provides insights such as:

  • Which of several designs options will have the most positive emotional impact?
  • Do all customers have the same reaction?
  • Do your customers know what to do next?
  • Are you unintentionally distracting customers with certain design elements?

Our deliverables from emotion and attention research help you understand how your customers interact with your advertising, providing powerful insights into the effectiveness of your advertising creative.

What next?

To learn more about how User Vision’s emotion and attention research in advertising can help you, contact us to discuss your specific requirements and individual opportunities.

“The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be” –  David Ogilvy

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