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“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

Why Advertising Research?

Advertising research is very much important aspect to be considered while starting any advertising campaigns. It helps you to know your target audience based on your product or service. There will be different groups of prospects and customers. The research will uncover the different market segments so you can target your campaign at specific groups.  It is used to measure the online campaign progress, identifies opportunity in the market and minimise the risk involved in it.

What is advertising research?

Advertising research is a specialized form of market research which is used to discover which ads will be more suitable with the already existing and potential customer base. It does this both deep detailed research before starting a campaign and analysing the success of the campaign.

The aim of advertising research is to determine the requirements of your customers and their desire better so that you can produce better ads that demonstrate why your product meets their needs. Once you have an understanding of the people you are targeting, a detailed analysis of the campaign will tell you how successful the campaign was, and help you to exponent your campaigns to continually improvise the results

Conducting pre-campaign advertising research

The advertising research carried out before the campaign is about understanding your audience. There will be different groups of prospects and customers. The research should uncover the different market segments so you can target your campaign at specific groups.


Online surveys are the best ways to know your customer’s requirements. By asking questions to them we get to know lots of information about their requirements, it shouldn’t be too personal and not many questions should be asked, if asked smaller response rate will come.

Google Analytics

For your website, Google Analytics will inform you from the Google search console about your website general information like, traffic, geographical location, conversions made etc.


Keyword research

Conducting online keyword research is the foundation of SEO, but it also tells you what consumers are interested in and the relative level of interest. It also helps to reveal the language being used to talk about these topics.

Customer reviews

Customer’s Testimonials is very much useful for research. It highlights the positive and negative comments related to the product

Q&A sites

Sites like Quora contain questions and crowd sourced answers on a wide range of topics, they also discuss about the brands. It is very much useful to know what people think about product or services available in the market.

 Competitor analysis

Looking at your competitors’ websites and social media accounts can provide useful information about consumers that are shopping in your vertical but have chosen not to buy from your brand. Try to drive their customers to your website by implementing creative ideas.

Google Trends and Consumer Barometer

Google Trends can help you to understand if a topic is becoming more or less popular. The Consumer Barometer allows you to build interactive charts with various filters applied, although the questions are limited to consumer online behaviour.

Syndicated data

Government data is available which is free and can help you understand a group, and several sources can also be accessed for free.

Twitter Insiders

Twitter Insiders is a 12,000 strong focus group of US and UK Twitter users who can be asked to perform a range of activities over a four to six week period. It’s an interesting concept of a focus group at scale.

Social media

Comments on your social media profile or posts can be a good source of information. Likes, shares, and other social media metrics can be useful to understand how popular your campaign is.

Social intelligence

To truly benefit as much as possible from social media, and transform a huge number of natural discussions into a mammoth concentration gathering, you require a decent social listening platform. An apparatus like Brand watch will enable you to pick up an inside and out research into your audience and the portions inside it, as this manual for social media research illustrates.

The basic audience research begins via looking for notices of your brand and products. You would then be able to take a look at the inbuilt insights about these individuals. All notices are increased with gender orientation, calling, area and interests when they are slithered, so there is no additional work for you to do.

With a little manual work, more detailed insights can be surfaced. One method is to build a panel of users who have mentioned your brand or industry (perhaps more than once in a set period, so the group more accurately represents repeat customers rather than one-offs).

Benefits of Advertising research

  • Gathering, measuring, recording, interpreting, classifying and analysing data that is related to your product’s market.
  • Identifies Opportunity in the Market
  • Analyses Progress
  • Minimize the Risk

Call to action:  To drive growth and understand customer behaviour, advertising research is one of the most powerful analytics tool. Try it today!



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